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We Actually Write Here
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This community is dedacated to actual writing. No one here cares about your day. No one here wants to know about your stuffed animal named Foo Foo. No one cares about your stupid crush!!! This is a community to post what you write. Be it poetry, thoughts, ideas, prose, something insane, non-moronic essays (please), even fits of bantering and rambling. I don't care if you swear. I don't care if you are lude. I don't care if I get complaints up the yin yang about your potty mouth. If I personally am disgusted by you, trust me I love a potty mouth so this wont happen too often, I will cut you off and slice your nuts. If you talk about your fucking day or your goddamn boyfriend I will take your nuts and I will shove them up your ass. Have a nice day!!!