Across the overshadowed unfortunes of this love where smiles do devote themeselves to you, both lips and beauty, never alone, i know a heart,
a soul transfixed yet to transfer due homage, times does part
the unity of us, albeit in disguise.

new to sight and community

hello fellow writers,

i'm new to this site, and, in fact, this is my first venture into the blogging sphere. probably like the rest of you, i value good writing nearly as much as anything else there is to value. i admire good writers, and my dream is to be a great writer. i think of myself as a fairly decent writer, but i've never really written anything outside of school assignments. every time i sit down to write a story i think, why am i writing? why do writers write? i don't think i can immerse myself in writing until i answer this basic question. does this question interest you? do some of you struggle with the same question when you put pen to paper and attempt to begin writing? i'm interested in what your thoughts are on why writers write. thank you and i look forward to working with you and learning from you as we WRITE.


We have new intresting works on our enghlish journal
and starting TNGmaniaUS
please visit us as soon as you can (we hope today)!!!!!

We are sorry

for not writing in enghlish
you may have russianspeaking users
the idea of this was
that we had some ukranian antisemites
marching in Kiev
and some young fellows tryed to stop them
we were talking on this issue on our journal
18 kids talked what they think
basicly against it

Новое !!!!!!

На наших дневниках для жителей Украины и России
прошла акция "Убийцы или освободители"
об отношении детей и их родителей к воинам ОУН-УПА
в которой приняли участие 18 человек .
Предлогаем тебе лучшее из написаного
"мне вообще надоели все эти мордобои ,штурмы и
разборки на главной площади страны
неужели так сложно решить что можно
и что нельзя делать
в любой нормальной стране это было бы просто невозможно
Низачто не поверю ,что мой дед станет с ними в один ряд на каком-нибудь параде
всё это от безсилия президента я всё больше начинаю в это верить"

"НУ пролетела на выборах и теперь старается набрать себе политических девидентов
играясь с мнением людей
вопрос только в том,кому отдаться
Юле или Ринатику
мне это ясно,что любые фашисты с любыми названиями должны сидеть в тюрме ,а не
маршировать на площади "

"эти люди поднимали руки в небо точно также ,как это делали нацисты в Германии
и что здесь думать -таких людей нужно судить и если бы у нас в стране была сильная власть
(которая есть,но ей не дают работать всякие спекулянты )всё бы было совсем неплохо
и они бы туда даже не сунулись
где же была милиция"

New upcoming creative writing/role play group

Hi all,
I'm coming to you as one half of a two person writing team that me and my friend have created only recently. Our writing environment involves the wild west as a primary backdrop but it is not only limited to that. We are looking for writers to come join in the fun and create their very own storylines and expand their own universes :D myself and my friend have known each other close on 3 years so if you ever needed to talk to either of us, we would be happy to help. We have a tight close on our primary storyline, often posting for hours at a time. We are also looking to introduce whole new backdrops to the story as it progresses. All our info is on my account, awww come on you know you wanna click :D we wont bite...hard hehe

See you all