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Alrighty, so I've posted the first three or so chapters of my story on my journal. Feel free to read and comment, criticism appreciated.


Title: Shades
Authors: Monique (Me)
Rating: PG-13 - R
Summary: Christopher is dead. Suddenly, he is back in his childhood home, an invisible stranger in the middle of a family with a very beautiful daughter. The trouble is -- no one can see him. Christopher watches this family and their friends as though their lives were a movie -- and realizes he is in love with the leading lady. He meets others like himself and learns of true powers -- and he waits for the doomed to join him.


Grace is not perfect. She may be beautiful, smart, funny, very nice, and many other things, but she has her bad qualities like everyone else. She and her friends have too many problems. Morgan is beaten often by her drunken mother and turns to drugs for the answer. Lola suffers from severe middle child syndrome -- and rightly so, because she actually is the least favoured of her siblings. Robyn has a father in a mental asylum and a lazy mother who never stops yelling. Stella is the only tolerant, atristic, nice member of a spiteful, cold, but incredibly rich family. Brayden is the youngest of eight children and has a massive legacy to fulfill. Gavin and his mother are beaten daily by Gavin's drunken father. It seems like Grace is the only one able to keep everyone sane and living -- and her full time job is keeping everyone out of trouble, including herself. And why can't she find a decent boyfriend, while she's at it?

Brayden and Gavin have a secret. Brayden cannot tell his ultra catholic family for risk of becoming estranged. Gavin cannot tell his family for fear of being beaten to death by his own father. But they have to tell someone. Grace is the someone they turn to. Brayden and Gavin know there are times when being the most popular, pretty, and perfect boys in school can really suck -- especially if you're secretly gay together.

The story follows these teens as they deal with their problems, emotions, and families -- and test the boundaries of their existences.
Warnings: Language, mature themes, some sex
Author’s Notes: The story isn't as dark and gloomy as it sounds, actually. Read and see!

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