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 Hello everyone. I just joined and I'd like to get the opinion of some other writers on some things.
I've been writing a story for a while now, and I'm trying to decide whether to work towards getting it published or posting it here on livejournal in installments or whatever. The problem with publishing is that it isn't very much like a novel or even a series, but the problem with livejournal (for me anyways) is that it was intended as a book, originally, and posting it on the internet seems like giving up (but then again, I'm weird.)

Also.The story as of right now is written in the first person of one of the characters. But I kind of like the freedom of 3rd person of all the characters. Which do you think works better for, say, teen fiction? Especially since there are multiple main characters and multiple plot lines?

Thanks everyone. If you want a short plot description or something then just tell me and I'd be happy to summarize :)

Thanks again!
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