wordsnimages (wordsnimages) wrote in mable54,

Hello Friends

Words and Images, a literary journal published in Portland, Maine, since 1969, is looking for fiction submissions for the Spring, 2008, issue. No tired writing, please; the stories must be excellent and alive. We're looking for literary fiction strong on plot and character. We're also looking for quietly experimental work - for fiction which pushes the boundaries of genre and form, but never at the expense of character or emotion. Which means we're looking for something a little more Jonathan Safran Foer than David Foster Wallace (though DFW is wonderful, too). More information is online at wordsnimages.org. Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2007. Don't feel daunted for lack of previous publications; we shine flashlights under rocks in search of new voices. Check us out. Onward!
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