The Jabberwock (bewarethejabb) wrote in mable54,
The Jabberwock

Hey. Name's Jerry. I'm a recovering bleeding-heart goth kid who's finally decided to get all his emo-tastic issues in order (bipolar, stepdad who smacked me around as a kid, whining melodramatically over girls) by participating in NaNoWriMo and blathering out what should hopefully be a rather interesting snippit of the life story of an ex-cokehead kickboxer kid with an overactive imagination and a sadistic gang of friends.

I don't sign on often, but I comment plenty when I do. I'm a rat-ass bastard, but I'm not too dumb. I'm 24, which makes me a dirty old man in the lj world. I don't always capitalize this thoroughly. I am wicked into: martial arts of all sorts, video games, vegan food, playing guitar, my cat, and being chivalrous to / abusive of women.

Comment for reciprocal adding, it might be fun.
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