agilitygirl (agilitygirl) wrote in mable54,

People watching

They mill about outside talking, laughing waiting for one another.  Finally as a crowd they enter.  Not really so many of them, but the impression from their noise and movement is of more.  Together they approach the counter.  The teenage girl behind the register puts on her deal with it smile and begins to take their orders.  With familarity, they banter and converse waiting their turn.  For so many so young, they don't seem abrasive or diruptive.  They take up two tables and wait for their orders to come. Easily conversation flows.  No one seems to be left out and while the conversations diverge everyone has their say in each bit.  Topics of discussion vary.  Internation politics, a little strange for the crowd, movies, more expected, and so many other things brought up.  Laughter punctuates.  Finally the time of night begins to show.  The conversation loses its previous animation.  One stands and all eyes to her.  She states intent to leave and begins to walk away.  The others decide that they too are done, and begin gathering themselves.  Outside all enter their different vehicles and go their different ways.  The departure scatters them.

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