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Using the 4 words which are : flamingo, lasagna, torpedo and cranium. I rocked on this one. OK, to Bill- let's roll here.
Arts and Crafts        
Jackie’s soccer mom life takes a toll on her cranium. She’s made one too many lasagnas and too many pink tissue party flamingos. Family life is so fascinating.
Jackie is room mom at school. This is World War II week and someone has to make a torpedo craft. Jackie, sensing a Styrofoam emergency, realizes she needs to have a talk with her self.
“I could get a job, and stop driving my kid around like he’s Prince Andrew? Is it time to stop chatting on my cell phone, and read a book? Won’t the kid be bored?”
OH NOOOoooo. And Jackie made that torpedo.
Technically this is wc of 104 – not including the title.
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