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Hi everyone. My name is Lily, and for the longest time I've been writing fanfiction.

I am aware that this is not of the good.

However, it was a good place to start, in terms of grammar and spelling and what all. And I've decided to give original fiction a go, so please be gentle, as this is my first genuinely original piece of fiction in about seven or eight years. Hope you don't hate it.

Title: Rising Up
Rating: PG for now, but I don't see it getting a lot higher.
Author: (or alternatively, purveyor of poorly written crud): Lily
Summary: One of ten children, Katie's used to living a quiet life. Now, she can't. Because someone's determined not to let her.
Author's Notes: The big bunny made me do it!

Everything was quiet in the big house on Badger Lane. It was too early in the morning to be getting up and ready for school, too early to be doing anything but sleep.

Katie Montgomery left her room and crept down the hall to Jack's room. She understood, really, and she agreed, that the two of them were too old to be sharing a room anymore, and she enjoyed having her own room, but there were times when she needed her twin. This was one of them.

"JackJack?" she murmured quietly, sticking her head in the door.

"Yeah?" he called back sleepily. That was the great thing about Jack. He always knew when she needed him, even if woken from a dead sleep.

"It's the first day of school," she said, creeping across the room and sitting on the bed.

"And you're worried," Jack finished for her, pulling his sister into his arms. "Look, Katie, we've talked about this. Wychwood is not that far from St. Edwards, and if anyone gives you any trouble, I'll walk out, I promise, and I can be there in tem minutes, tops. You've got your cellphone, and I've got mine, and I don't give a crap about the rules. I care about you."

Katie lay down closed her eyes. It was only one more year, after all. And she was seventeen now, far too big for those girls to push her around like they'd done all this time. She managed to drift off, comforted by the presence of her big brother, and slept almost peacefully until the alarms went off, in every bedroom of the house.

"Alright everyone, on your feet!" she heard her father bellow, and with a grin she opened her eyes and obeyed, jumping off the bed and standing to attention.

Michael Montgomery was a big bear of a man with twinkling eyes and a wide, grinning mouth. Leaving his bedroom, followed by Emily, he began their morning ritual. He pressed play on the CD player sitting in the hallway, and "Walking on Sunshine" began blaring out of the speakers. "Roll call!" he announced. "Connor?"

"Here!" Connor replied, dancing out of his bedroom as ridiculously as possible, earning a chuckle from his parents.


"Right here, Dad!" Aidan followed his brother out of their room, trying to outdo Connor's dance.

"Katie? Jack?"

Katie boogied on out of Jack's room, feeling silly for not being in her own room. Michael raised an eyebrow at her, but the smile never left his face as Jack moonwalked out of the room into the hall to stand next to Katie.


There was no answer. Lucy was notoriously difficult to get going in the mornings, and was the only Montgomery child for whom this morning routine failed to raise an enthusiastic response. "Lucinda Joy!"

This roused her, and, with a yawn, Lucy shuffled out of her bedroom. She walked straight to her mother for a hug.

"Lucky? Daniel?"

The twins liked to be unpredictable. Today they'd each chosen to tumble out of the room, head over heels over head again, finally springing to their feet with a cheer. The family was all awake, at least. Now came the hard part.

"Monday," Emily murmured. "Connor, little bathroom, Aidan in the big one. The rest of you, downstairs for breakfast."

Breakfast was toast and orange juice, and was always eaten before getting dressed. With ten kids, Michael and Emily had learned pretty quickly how to save time in the mornings. By the time the first shift had finished eating, Connor and Aidan were done in the bathroom, and Jack and Katie trooped up.

"Monday," Michael repeated. "You boys on dishes when you're finished eating. Emily, you get Lucy, and I'll take the twins."

Eventually, everyone was ready, breakfasted and dressed. Lucky bounded upstairs to turn off the CD player, and Daniel let Toby out, and they were ready to go.

Michael zoomed off to work. Connor and Aidan, at university, took Connor's car. Emily took Lucky and Daniel to Lynams for their first day of Year One. Jack and Katie dropped Lucy off at the Dragon, for year six. Then Jack took Katie to Wychwood.

"Don't worry," he told her again, seeing her visibly trembling. "There is nothing wrong with you. Your skirt fits, your shirt's clean, your tie's straight, and you look good. You're just as good as these girls, and they can't hurt you."

"Promise?" Katie whimpered, looking fearfully out of the window.

"Promise," Jack said confidently, holding his arms out for a hug. Katie hugged him tightly, feeling safe for a moment. "Now get out, or I'll be late," he said, ruffling the top of her head slightly.

"Bye," she said softly, climbing out of the car.


Walking into school, Katie couldn't help but smile, even through her nagging fear. This had been her school for the last four years, and after this year she'd be leaving. She had mixed feelings about it. It would be the end of an era for her, much as she'd so often been miserable here.

Dreamily, she wandered around the campus, killing time until homeroom. She'd learned the hard way not to stay in one place for too long if she was by herself. The library was still locked, as was the music room, so her two favorite haunts were out. She drifted back to the parking lot, looking for a familiar face.

It happened quicker than she could react. A hand clamped down on her shoulder, and she let out a scream of terror.

"Jesus, Katie, it's me!" exclaimed a friendly voice.

"Gracie!" Katie turnd around and threw herself into her best friend's arms. "I missed you over the summer! How was it?"

"Pretty average," Grace replied. "As you know, my parents took me to New Zealand, and we just cruised around, doing touristy things. It was pretty okay. What about you?" she laughed. "No, wait, let me guess. You hung around the house, helping your mother with your army of siblings, and you loved every moment, and this morning your father did the thing with the CD player and the dancing?"

Blushing, Katie nodded. Grace knew her too well. "Well, I went to the library a couple of times. And Jack and I took a road trip to London for a night, that was fun."

"Still hanging out with the fam, though," Grace remarked. "Must be nice to be able to stomach your close relatives that much. So, have you seen-"

"Not yet," Katie cut her off. "Nor do I wish to, so please don't jinx us, ok?"

The bell rang, saving them from further discussion of the topic, and the two of them filed into the assembly hall with the other girls. Class assignments were called out, and Katie paled when she realised that for the first time in five years, Grace wasn't going to be in her class... and Jade was.

Was it worth calling Jack now?


Thankfully, the day passed without event. The absence of any of Jade's clones in their class made things a little easier. Still, Katie was glad when the day was over, and she could go and stand in the parking lot and wait for Jack.

She'd only been there about three minutes when Jade came out and stood next to her.

"Sup, shithead?" Jade greeted cheerfully, grinning as Katie cringed away from her. "Lighten the fuck up, I ain't gonna do nothin' to you. Leastways, not yet. Not when your yummy brother's minutes away."

"Yummy?" Katie couldn't help asking, her face scrunched up at the thought of Jade finding Jack attractive.

"Yummy," Jade repeated dangerously, getting right up in Katie's face. "You got a problem with that? Or do all you Montgomery bitches think you're too good for the rest of us?"

"Oi!" Jack called out, pulling up in the nick of time, with the little ones in the back seat. "Back off, Townsend!"

Jade lunged at Katie deliberately to scare her, before turning on her heel and sauntering away, making sure to add an extra wiggle in her hips for Jack's benefit.

"Great timing, bro," Katie sighed in relief, getting into the car.

"What was that bitch saying to you?" Jack asked quietly, revving the engine.

"Just how she wants you bad," Katie giggled, making a face. "Can you imagine?"

"Yeah, like that's going to happen," Jack laughed. "Come on, Mummy asked me if we could pick Lucy up on the way home too."

"How was school, boys?" Katie asked the little ones. "Have a good day?"

"Bien!" Daniel replied cheerfully.

"Muy bien!" Lucky chimed in. "Only, there's this girl, Melissa, who told me that Lucky is a stupid name. Daniel pushed her over, and he got in trouble, so I pushed Melissa too so that Daniel wouldn't be the only one in trouble, and we both had to sit in the classroom for playtime."

"Lucky's not a stupid name," Jack said, keeping his eyes on the road as he turned the corner. "We all like having you around, because you're Lucky. Get it?"

Lucky smiled. Truthfully, his name was Luke. But the twins had been born prematurely, and Luke had been the smaller of the two, ending up spending the first six weeks of his life in an incubator. He'd stopped breathing, not once but twice, and actually came out of it stronger. The nurses had nicknamed him Lucky, and it had stuck.

"Why was that girl being mean to you, Katie?" Daniel asked, sticking his thumb in his mouth. Lucky mirrored him, waiting for Katie's answer.

"She's just jealous," Katie lied cheerfully. "Because I was telling her how my three amazing and fantastic brothers were coming to pick me up, and she has to get the bus home. I don't think she was very happy."

Jack smiled at her. "Good answer, little sis," he muttered.

"Should we go back and offer her a ride?" Lucky asked, always the compassionate one. Jack shook his head, pulling up outside the Dragon.

"If we did that, where would Lucy fit?" He waved to Lucy, who waved back. She was in the process of hugging her group of friends goodbye for the evening, a process which the Montgomerys had learned could take some time. Katie fished in her bag and pulled out two chocolate bars she'd bought at the tuck shop at lunch, and handed them back to the boys.

Finally, Lucy was ready to go, and she squeezed in the back with the little ones. "Wow, Year 6 is going to be awesome!" she greeted her siblings. "I'm in the same class with Stacy and Vicky, and oh, my gosh, this guy Matthew, he asked me if I wanted to come to his pool party at the weekend."

As she rambled on, Jack started to drive them home. It took about twenty minutes, by which time the little twins were beginning to flag. This wasn't unusual. Unbuckling, Lucy began to gather up the five backpacks, while Jack and Katie lifted a twin each and carried them upstairs, settling them on their beds and removing their shoes. Lucy lugged the twins' bags in after them, and dumped them at their feet.

"Here," she said, handing Jack and Katie their bags. "Thanks for the ride."

"Any time, Lucy Goosey," Jack said, hugging her. Katie dragged her bag into her room and began to empty it, and changed into jeans and a tshirt.

The twins would sleep for about twenty minutes to half an hour, then it was homework time, so she used her time alone to write in her diary.

Dear Diary
I'm scared. I think this is the year she's finally going to try to do something. It's been hellish enough up till now, with the taunts and the threats and the name calling. But today there was something else in her tone. Does she hate me enough to get violent? And what the hell did I do?

End Chapter One

For Bree, who listened

Also, and this is optional, here is a link to a post that introduces the Montgomery family a little more in depth. Also good if you get lost easily. There are a lot of names.

Introducing the Montgomery Family
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