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Write On

Showing up here as a publicist, author and magazine writer - just thought I'd hang out here and see what happens. I write satire, mostly pop culture sarcasm and other nonsense. I just got a humor column locally, where I have to come up with 500 hilarious words about pets. What a nightmare. Anyway, I get paid for it.

One thing I can say to any aspiring writer is to get published, start calling yourself a writer, and pretty soon you'll have some credits to your name. You can get published in the op-ed section in the newspaper. Just complain about Bush every week and they'll print it. You won't get paid, but you are published - which makes paying gigs easier to come by.

Hope all is well and peace - back tomorrow when I get writer's block for the 12th time and Sponge Bob is over.

Peace and thanks for having me-
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