December 16th, 2005

(no subject)

okay i have 3 stories started. i love them all dearly but i am having a hard time deciding which to pursue right now

one is about a teacher who had a really close bond with her student, only to find out that the student dies in a car accident, then the story goes on to tell how she finds love in a stranger, while trying to cope with this loss, and the old brought up feelings of the death of her first boyfriend.

the second is about a girl who feels neglected at home, and finds teh father she wished she had in her german teacher. although their relationship is strictly school related, teh outsiders think there is more too it, it's written in the form of like each chracters 'diary' if you will

and the third is really weird, but it starts off with a trial 4 girls are to be hanged, *yes it's written back in the day* and one is on trial, they will all die if the guilty one is not announced.
and then it goes back to tell the story of how they got there.... not sure how it ends yet...

anyway i'd love some feedback on which you guys would enjoy reading, and which you wouldn't, any ideas to help the plots or any ideas about what to do etc.

i'm open to any and every comment/idea/thought/critque... anything

thaaanks <33 Lorelai