June 10th, 2005


x-posted with my own journal

Wrote this a while back, but it's still one of my favorites.

This song I sing is for you.
I devote myself to you.
The pain I recieve, I give to you.
Is this blood on my hands all for you?
To be with you forever
in another place, another empty space
You mean so much to me, the pain, I can't handle
I never knew forever would hurt like this.

And so I give in to my tired eyes
And float along with fantasies of better days
We're chasing each other through dreams
In our blind search for Eden
Going ‘round in circles yet always making a star
And each time it seems we’ve found a way through
The looking glass shatters and the portal is gone

So I cup my hands and dip into the blackness
Scoop it up and pack it tightly around my heart
The world around me begins to fade
Like my own reflection
When my fingers touch the glass
And I find myself tracing the lines of your face

This song I sing is for you...