April 1st, 2005


I don't wait up anymore
- it's an afflicting habit.
I turned off the alarm clock
and haven't turned it back on.

The sunrise is too loud
- the contrary reality.
Artless, I left the bottles.
Detached, I closed my eyes.
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Plenty of Time

IMPORTANT: This won't makes sense if you don't read the evens with evens and the odds with the odds.
About one of my character's sanity and what could've happen if she had gone back to sleep. Kind of goes with Desultory but not quite. Somber mood. Comment if you want more.

Plenty of Time

(1)The amber sky kissed the breeze, warming the moving air’s touch upon the incognizant
(2)“Tangy and bitter, the taste is subtle and overwhelming. Unlike the last time I awoke.
(3)A brash youths. Painted leaves fluttered, dancing in midair around the couple as they continued to
(4)rain metal flavor I understood, that has recently left me this sourness. Coarse sand churns within
(5)this down. Running ahead, just out of grasp, the young woman teased her companion into
(6)salty fluid and sweat that mingles with these foreign aftertastes. A unique, dry flavor I hardly
(7)following her deeper into the gilded forest. Their laughter echoed of the rafters of the looming
(8)recognize leaving me pall. The familiarity constantly changes with each new composition of
(9)trees as they wandered further from the outskirts of the golden forest. The young man,
(10)consciousness. Whose blood is that I savor with reluctance, I hardly remember it being my own
(11)exhausted for the chase, soon reclined on the carpet of dying grass and foliage, resting his
(12)though I am aware of it. It is my own blood.” Her weary eyes focused in the hazy light. She
(13)head on her lap whilst he fell into a shallow sleep. “Don’t worry, we’ll be home before the sun
(14)smiled weakly before closing her eyes, shielding them form the battered light of the room. “These
(15)sets,” he yawned. He closed his eyes and that’s how she would like to remember him as she waits
(16)happenings have lost their grip on reality yet they retain their possession upon the traumas,” the
(17)for him to wake up. They had plenty time.
(18)shadow says turning off the lights again.
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