February 24th, 2005

tonight oh

this is very raw & a try at something new. all critiques comments criticisms are welcome...please.

It’s when you realize suburbia has gotten to you
that this town has dragged you down and
slapped a nametag to your jacket pocket:
Serendipity, in hopes of a better place, somewhere.

Two woven pouches filled with rocks
heaved onto your back and a slap on the ass

let’s move

Beasts don’t do well on the turnpike
but you go anyway, move slowly with the traffic
braying ballads of grief and scorn
the scorched earth clopping beneath
your feet.

breath just breath

Hum thoughts of salvation as you
pass by each green reflective sign:
next exit. You ain’t goin’ to the city.

The lights have blinded us long enough
star struck and collapsing inside
because we’ll never be
and we’ll never know the lives
lead although we walk down their streets
as if we know what’s up
what’s good


You’re heading west this time around
clomping along as night’s
star freckled hand rakes the sun
down and calmly drops her ahead
to bathe in the promised oceans
or sands or whatever is over this next hill.

You don’t give up
you try to tell our stories with your hands
your smile, your hat

“We just want somewhere to go
without developing some sort of eating disorder”

“A roller rink, perhaps?”
“A small café and stage where
we could speak our minds
despite these small town blues”

You won’t find it here, you know
you tried so hard for nineteen years.

Some say you’re foolish, even weak
for caving in and leaving.
I wrote you a song, you know, a brave soul
carrying so much and soring
your beautiful back

I’ve always liked your body

You must have so many thoughts
to sort out in that intricate mind,
slowly empting words into a glass jar.

Perhaps you’ll mail it back with a message.
I’ll knit you a scarf and maybe I’ll join you
miles away in some other suburbia.

At least we’ll have new strip malls
to consider. New food stands to discover
and new parking lots to fuck in.

The filth and grime will always be around
there’s no escaping this inevitable
even in the darkening twilight
of the west.

But it’s damn worth a shot, hun
go go go
I hope your heart is healthy and well.
I’ll be waiting for your letter and
don’t forget the return address.