December 31st, 2001


(no subject)

Little Peggy Sue never took life so lightly
In fact so heavy it weighed upon her shoulders
It stunted her growth.
However, the world told Little Peggy Sue never to complain
For complaint brings only worry
And the world told Little Peggy Sue to be normal
For normal raised no concerns.
But when acquaintances of Little Peggy Sue were down
Her worry and concern produced their cheer up
And when Little Peggy Sue was a little blue
She complained none, being normal as was told.
And the day Little Peggy Sue died so young
The world was bewildered and mystified
Not understanding her cries for help were suppressed
Not realizing they had killed the poor
Little Peggy Sue.

Always waiting

Take what you want
I never complained
Always felt lucky

You came
You hurt
You left

Over and over
Through the tears
And the hurt

I still wanted you
Walk on me
Hurt me

All I wanted
Anything from you
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