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We Actually Write Here's Journal

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Thursday, December 27th, 2001
12:52a - Baby, baby
Picking me up
Throwing me down

Everyday as you wake
Touching my hair
All is forgotten
Baby hold me close
Hold me tight
All is well
I want to please you now

The day goes on
Your smile fades
Drowning in your eyes
Form love
To rage

Now Tighter then before
Your hands surround me
Squeezing me
I beg you
I plead you

You kiss me good night
With the back of your hand
You wish me sweet dreams
With the crack of your belt

I awake to see your smiling eyes
Love me baby
I wont be bad
Baby, I am always yours

current mood: angry

(3 Fuckin' A's | what the fuck)

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