December 25th, 2001

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I've been watching you
you think your so smart,so pretty
part of the crowd,so full of yourself
looking right through me not knowing I am there.

But you will do soon,
you will know all about me and I you,
we will share my lonelyness and fear
you will forever look for me everywhere.

I will take you to a dark place
tie you up and strip you bare
I will pleasure myself with your body
but it will be no pleasure for you

I will bite and pinch and gouge
scratch and piss in your hair
you will cry and beg for mercy
whilst bleeding and shiting everywhere

I will put my hands around your throat
squeezeing my thumbs into your windpipe
until you are blue and dont care
thats when I will release my grip and cut you free

but I will save the best for you my dear
I will spare you your life but not your future
for I will someday return
and take away someone you hold most dear
be it a lover a child or a brother
the fact is I dont really care
just as long as your scared and uncertain
unless of course you take your life in dispair!